Professional Website Design & I.T. Services

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UOnline Team

Michael Conrad

Computer Systems Specialist

“My mission is to partner with our customers and provide the best of technology in a practical and economical degree.”

  • 30+ years in Information Technology

  • Data Center & Data Cable plant planning & design

  • IT maintenance & Security

  • Server farm sizing & build

  • Microsoft, Linux & UNIX operating environments. including clustered configurations

  • Years of accumulated experience in RDBMS technology such as Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL

  • High availability & secure Data Protection

  • Proven Industry experience in the Financial World Markets, Banking, Distribution, Telecom, Manufacturing & Education market segments.

  • Customer education

Vera Conrad

Web Systems Analyst

  • Web Designer

  • Marketing experience

  • 20+ years of Management & Team Leadership experience

  • Medical Background & Education

  • Experienced in the Telecom, Broadcasting, Medical, Fitness, Construction, Education & IT

Katelyn Sievert

Software Developer

  • Teacher / Instructor

  • Software Architect & Developer

Chloe Unrau

Graphic Designer